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Newcomers and experts alike immediately associate French wines with quality and tradition.   This is because, for decades, French wine makers have developed the techniques and highest standards for consistently producing some of the world's best wines.

The Bordeaux region continues to offer the consumer some of the world's great wines.

Like in France, Viticulture has existed in Portugal and Spain for thousands of years.  The Tartessians are believed to have cultivated the first vineyards in the Tagus shores more than 4,000 years ago. 

Although American consumers still mostly consume single varietal wines, the more discerning are re-discovering the traditional European blends.

We can trace our family's roots as wine growers and producers as far back as the early 13th Century.   Together with our family, friends and partners, we offer value wines from Bordeaux, Portugal and Spain.   

Our goal is simply to offer the highest quality wines at an affordable price; what we call VALUE WINES.

Chateau Toutigeac Bordeaux Grande Reserve

2014 AOC Bordeaux

Harvested mid-September to mid-October during a single week. Yield is 40 to 45 hectoliters per hectare. Fermented for 15 to 18 days in stainless steel vats at controlled temperature.  
Aged 6 to 8 months in oak barrels before bottling. This short passage in oak barrels gives our Grande Reserve power without unbalancing its structure.
The discrete woody notes combine perfectly with silky tannins and elegant aromas of fruit harvested at ideal full maturity. Charming and intense, this wine can be enjoyed young and will improve with cellar aging.
Best served at 64°F to 65°F .

Chateau Toutigeac Bordeaux Blanc Sec

2015 AOC Bordeaux

Harvested over 4 days in early September.  Yield is 40 to 55 hectoliters per hectare.  Our Dry white wine is made by storing the grapes at cold temperature. Solids are removed by filtration followed by low-temperature fermentation and stabilization and aging on fine lees.
Presenting a fine greenish/yellow color, this wine explodes with a range of aromas extending from exotic tropical fruits like passion fruit and grapefruit to floral notes of boxwood and ivy underscored by hints of minerality.
The expert blend of Semillon and Sauvignon impart a suggestion of carbonation developing into a fine balance of freshness and roundness.  Its fresh and lively character is best enjoyed served at 46°F to 50° F.

Chateau Toutigeac Bordeaux Rose

2015 AOC Bordeaux

Harvested mid to end of September during a single week.  Yield of 50 to 55 hectoliters per hectare.
Produced by pressing red grapes only.  Cold maceration in stainless steel vats and low-temperature fermentation at 17 degrees celsius.
The pale pink color of our Rosé carries a nose marked by red fruits and berries.  Slightly sweeter, than our traditional wines, the balance between freshness and roundness is evident. Best served at 52°F.

Boticaria Red 

2015 Table Wine

From the greater Lisboa Wine Region.  A distinctive fruity but dry with an intense character of red berries kissed by light tannins and a soft touch of oak aging.  Smooth but full mouthfeel, a fine balance between elegant tannins and acidity for its young age.
Best Served at 59°F to 63°F.

Boticaria White

2015 Table Wine

Also from the Lisboa Region, this is an unique white wine that reflects its unique terroir.  Dry and smooth with herbal and floral highlights ending in a burst of honeysuckle.  
It's so good it should be a sin.
This exotic white wine is best enjoyed served at 46°F to 50°F.




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